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What Naomi's Students Say


Rachel Ravel

Netflix-Ryan Murphy’s Halston, Creator and star of Broadway Original Series, Rachel Unraveled:

“I was lucky enough to spend four years studying with Naomi Bailis. From the theater games of Viola Spolin, to Commedia dell’arte mask work, to the psycho-physical technique of Michael Chekhov, Naomi equips each and every one of her students with a toolbox fit for any audition, rehearsal, or performance. Thanks to Naomi, I was accepted to my dream acting program: Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Throughout my years at Fordham, I carried Naomi’s expertise with me, and now find myself thinking of her masterful teaching from the instant I get an audition to the moment the director calls cut! The opportunity to work with Naomi, especially as a young actor preparing for college auditions, is not one to pass up!”


Sydney Shepherd

Actor, BFA Musical Theater University of Michigan:

“Looking back on my years of training, Naomi was one of my main mentors. She really shaped who I was as an actor and as a professional in a rehearsal room. I still use many of the tools she taught me to prepare for auditions and for roles now, living in NYC. I definitely would not have gotten where I am today without her classes, direction and guidance. Naomi doesn’t just teach you techniques; she believes in you and she invests everything she has in you. She knows how to open you up and fill you with everything that you personally need. She invested in me as a human, not just a student. I am forever grateful for her. If you get the chance, work with her!”


Alley Ellis

Chicago area Actor:

“As a young, impressionable artist, I came into Naomi’s class guns-a-blazin’! The tiny bit of pompous attitude I had was quickly humbled by the detailed and incredibly warm Naomi Bailis. Naomi’s class was a true test of dedication. No student of her’s would slip through the cracks or come to class not ready to give anything less than 110%, because that’s exactly how much she gave. Naomi has a true gift when it comes to breaking down the techniques of acting. Whether it was Meisner’s repetition, Shurtleff’s 12 Guideposts, or Chekhov’s psychological gestures, Naomi outlined ample techniques to ensure you could find exactly what worked for you. I also had the great pleasure of being directed by
Naomi, I felt both challenged and supported throughout the entire rehearsal process resulting in an end product I will always be proud of. I have a very good friend, who was also Naomi’s acting student. Both of us regularly say we did not know how to act until we had the opportunity to be in one of Naomi’s shows.”


Isabella Amoruso


“There is not high enough praise that I could give to Naomi Bailis. Naomi was my acting teacher, as well as my director and mentor. Without her training and support I would not be the actor or person that I am today. Naomi pushes her students to reach their full potential while also championing diversity and giving students a space for their voices to be heard. Not only did she prepare me for college, she left me with a toolbox of acting skills that will serve me in any acting setting I enter for the rest of my career. As a director when I struggled with my scenes, Naomi went out of her way to find time outside of rehearsal to work with me individually and make sure I was performing to the best of my ability. Her confidence in me allowed me to build confidence in myself and I couldn't be more grateful to have had Naomi as a teacher.”


Simone Alyse


“I am so excited to see Naomi launching her own studio! I got the opportunity to work with her during my high school years. Naomi saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. She guided me to the confidence I needed. She is a hard working, passionate teacher that absolutely helps students arrive at where they are going! She pushed me where I needed to be pushed and it has made me a better actress today because of it. From mask work, to guideposts, to Meisner, I am very grateful for the skills I learned while working with Naomi!”


Gabrielle Samels

Off-Broadway: Downstate/Playwrights Horizons, BFA Musical Theater Syracuse University:

“Naomi was my first acting teacher. Naomi’s teaching approach consisted of a genuine passion and commitment to my growth. I was introduced to a multitude of techniques such as Meisner, Shurtleff’s Guideposts, and Chekhov, which provided me with basic principles for my approach to acting, and instilled important knowledge regarding the history of the craft. I went on to receive a BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University, where, thanks to Naomi, I walked into each of my acting classes with a strong foundation, and a polished work ethic. Even upon graduating, the concepts and groundwork she laid for me at a young age set me up to succeed as a professional actor in New York City. I greatly look forward to continuing coaching with her, and I am certain that I would not be the actor today without her initial guidance and mentorship.”


Ted Gibson

BFA in Performance-Acting, University of Michigan:

“When I first met Naomi Bailis, I had a handful of old habits I needed to overcome. I found myself leaving each of her classes more determined to improve on my previous work than I have in any other acting class I have taken. Naomi provided the kind of clear support I needed as a student and as a young performer, treating me and my fellow classmates as young adults and as professionals – never shying away from mature conversations about the nature of our scenes and craft. I have not since found a teacher who challenges me in such a way, constantly inspiring me to strive higher, dig deeper, and work harder. In my three years working with Naomi, I learned many different approaches to the craft of acting.

I had the opportunity to work with Naomi in one of her productions. To this day, working with Naomi on John Patrick Shanley’s Italian American Reconciliation was one of the most formative and memorable experiences of which I have ever been a part. Immediately, Naomi cultivated a collaborative, tight-knit environment amongst cast and crew and fostered a rigorous, holistically-dynamic rehearsal process, which set the foundation for a brilliant production. It was some of the most truthful work I have ever done. She always had her door open, both literally and figuratively, and every time I worked in her class or during rehearsal, I was reminded why I love to act. I do not think I would be an actor today if I had not worked with Naomi – she is somebody who truly loves the work of acting, and instilled a love of the work in me. I wholeheartedly believe anybody who works with Naomi and commits themselves to the work and practices she encourages will become a far superior actor than they could ever imagine.”


Andrew Purdy

Broadway: Book of Mormon, BFA Musical Theater Elon University:

"The years I spent in Naomi’s acting class were highly transformative. Not only did I learn a great deal about a wide variety of acting techniques, but I also learned key lessons in letting go of self-consciousness on stage and taking accountability for my own growth as an actor. Naomi’s wealth of knowledge and her commitment to consistently pushing students (safely) outside of their comfort zones is why I still regard her as the greatest acting teacher I’ve ever had."


Murphy Taylor Smith

Trans Woman Actress/Composer, BFA Musical Theater Penn State University:

“Naomi Bailis played an instrumental part in my growth as an artist and human being. I began working with her when I was only fourteen and nearly a decade later, I return to the techniques and tools she helped me uncover with every artistic endeavor I undertake. Naomi strikes the perfect balance of taking young artists seriously, validating both their passion and prowess, while also creating a safe space for fun and exploration, tools essential to a performer’s growth. I would highly recommend any young artist looking to improve their critical analysis and performance skills work with Naomi.”


Emerson Mae Smith

Actress, BFA in Performance-Acting University of Michigan:

“Naomi Bailis taught me almost everything I know about acting. During some of my most formative years, she was willing to take my classmates and I seriously as artists in a way that few other teachers ever have. Her dedication to careful analysis of text and character taught me not just how to interpret a script but how to invest myself fully in a character, helping me grow from an actor who could recite lines to one who could react in the moment to new stimuli, living truthfully inside of a fictional world. Years on from our time regularly working together, I still use techniques she trained us in, like imaginary body or mask work. She helped me find a deeper understanding of myself as a performer and made me excited about the work in ways I never could have anticipated! I still remember the first day of class we ever had together, where by simply poking holes in my initial performance impulses, she expanded my frame of reference for what acting is.”


Olivia Luisa Sinnott

Junior Acting Major (BFA), University of Michigan:

“Naomi Bailis was my acting teacher and mentor for four years. Naomi is one of the best acting teachers I have ever had.  While she asked a lot of me, she pushed me to go farther and to challenge myself as both an actor and a human. She taught me the skills an actor needs to understand and interpret a character and a scene. She challenged me to strengthen my weaknesses. Through this process, she helped me bring total authenticity to my characters. Now that I am in college at the University of Michigan training as an actor and auditioning for roles in film and theater, I still carry with me and apply to my work all that I learned from Naomi.”


Ava LaRoche

BFA candidate in Acting, Boston University:

"Naomi is the kind of teacher who doesn't tell a student their potential, but patiently waits for them to recognize it, and guides them to become not only better actors, but better humans. She is not a teacher or a coach, but a mentor who is willing to meet you where you are in the present moment. Naomi is an expert at helping students break their own boundaries, and find their own authentic self in their work." - Ava Laroche (she/hers)


Hannah Brennan

Actor, BFA Acting Royal Conservatoire of Scotland:

"Acting with Naomi Bailis is similar to learning how to swim in open waters. Each time a wave of self-doubt comes crashing in she fuels you with courage to dive deeper into yourself and allow the currents to take you to the places you've always feared to go. She creates daring, unapologetic actors through a balance of tough love and irreplaceable empathy. Not only will Naomi give you the confidence you need to make bold choices and transform you into the actor you've always aspired to be, she will also give you the freedom to play and will commend your mistakes just as much as your triumphs. I cannot recommend training within her studio more and accredit a large amount of the person and artist I am today to her teachings." 


Graham Campbell

BFA Candidate Juilliard School of Drama:

“Working with Naomi Bailis for four years was, and continues to be, one of the greatest privileges of my life. Her mentorship and guidance both in and out of the classroom is unparalleled. Not only is her work grounded in an extensive technical knowledge and background, but it is led by a moral compass that sees and wants the good in and from all people. I think of her words every day, and continue to turn back to her lessons in the craft of acting and the craft of life even now as I continue my training.”

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