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Mock Audition with Barrett Wilbert Weed (Class complete-Thank you Barrett!!)

Back by popular demand! Our February workshop/mock audition was so successful we have decided to run it back again. We’ll be hosting two virtual evening workshops and one virtual mock audition with Broadway star, Barrett Wilbert Weed.


Choose one of two Friday evening sessions with Naomi where we will prepare for the Saturday mock audition with Barrett.


Evening one with Naomi: Friday 4/22 7p - 9p. Limit 6 participants. 


Evening two with Naomi: Friday 4/29 7p - 9p. Limit 6 participants. 


Mock Audition with Barrett: Saturday April 30th 1p - 3:30p. All 12 actors will audition with Barrett Wilbert Weed, and, get valuable professional advice about auditioning and the industry in a talk-back with Barrett after the audition!


Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Price:  $170 

(includes one Friday coaching with Naomi and the mock audition with Barrett Wilbert Weed)

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Individual Audition Coaching

If you want to land the gig, or if you've already landed the gig, every serious actor or aspiring actor needs a reliable set of eyes to look at their work. Whether it is a monologue or scene, for theater, commercials, television or film, an actor has a “leg-up” when they have someone they can trust to provide detailed and actor friendly feedback to be a source of support.


An insightful, detailed audition or acting coach is an ace in the actor’s pocket.


Price: $125 per hour

Previous Classes


Master the Audition

In this series of four 2-hour classes we will learn and apply the essential components of a great audition using The Twelve Guideposts developed by Michael Shurtleff.  Participants will come away from this workshop with greater positivity, confidence, clarity and mastery of their audition.


This is a fun, interactive and confidence building experience for everyone. The class is especially helpful to high school juniors or seniors who are looking to audition for college theater programs.


Participants should bring a memorized monologue or 2, or a 16 bar cut of a song (or 2) of their choice to these classes.

Meisner Principles

Great acting requires great listening. Meisner technique centers on the art of listening and responding in the moment.  This series of four 2-hour classes will develop and enhance your ability to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances.

If you're looking to work with greater ease, connection and spontaneity, this is the class for you.

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