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Naomi offers a variety of workshops to schools, studios, and theater organizations. Workshops can be held in-person and/or on Zoom. Naomi is available to travel.  Her work is expansive, in-depth and a whole lotta fun!

Workshops in:

Mask Technique


The Michael Chekhov Technique

Shurtleff's Twelve Guideposts


...Naomi has a true gift when it comes to breaking down the techniques of acting…

- Alley Ellis, Chicago area Actor

...Naomi strikes the perfect balance of taking young artists seriously...while also creating a safe space for fun and exploration, tools essential to a performer’s growth…

- Murphy Taylor Smith, Trans Woman Actress/Composer, BFA Musical Theater Penn State UniversityOff-Broadway Heathers

...Naomi’s dedication to careful analysis of text and character taught me... how to...invest myself fully in a character... and to live truthfully inside of a fictional world…

- Emerson Mae Smith, Actress, BFA in Performance-Acting University of Michigan

...Her classroom continues to be one of the most exhilarating learning spaces I've encountered. She forged a pivotal connection for me between deep preparedness and intrepid risk taking…

- Briga Heelan, CBS-B Positive, NBC/Netflix-Great News, TBS-Ground Floor, HBO-Curb Your Enthusiasm, ABC-Modern Family

...thanks to Naomi, I walked into each of my acting classes with a strong foundation, and a polished work ethic…

- Gabrielle Samels, Actor, BFA Musical Theater Syracuse University

...Naomi is one of the best acting teachers I have ever had...I still carry with me and apply to my work all that I learned from Naomi.

- Olivia Luisa Sinnott, Junior Acting Major (BFA), University of Michigan

...Naomi kept me firmly rooted in truth always, while simultaneously introducing a diverse range of techniques and styles…

- Conor Ryan, NBC-Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert, Broadway John and Jen, Off-Broadway Victory Train, Desperate Measures

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